Vodka Pappardelle with Chanterelle Mushrooms

Vodka Pappardelle with Chanterelle Mushrooms

½ lb pappardelle pasta

24 oz jar Pirro’s Rustic Vodka Sauce

3 oz WineForest dried Chanterelle mushrooms

Flat leaf parsley (roughly chopped)

2 T olive oil

2 T butter


Directions: Soak mushrooms in tepid water for 30 minutes or until rehydrated. Lay them on a paper towel to drain for 10 minutes after soaking. (Hint: we like to keep the mushroom soaking water to use as a broth replacement in cooking.  It is delicious and adds great depth to recipes.)

In a large frying pan, heat olive oil and butter over medium high heat until butter is melted and stops sizzling. Spread mushrooms over oil/butter mixture, evenly distributed so that each touches the surface of the pan.  Season with salt and pepper and sauté until golden, gently turning with tongs partway through for even color-approx 8-10 minutes.  Set aside. Cook pasta in salted water until al dente.  In a large, high-sided frying pan, heat vodka sauce over med-high heat.  Add drained pasta and mushrooms to sauce, stir gently with tongs and serve, garnished with parsley.


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