Marks Wine Club

Marks Wine Club

Thanks for your interest in Marks Wine Club!
Here's a little information about how our club works.

What you get:

  • Two carefully curated wines every month on the third Tuesday of the month - We will attempt to provide you seasonally appropriate wines, but if we see something amazing we might get It out of season (that's what your cellar is for, right?)
  • Each bottle comes with tasting notes, winery information, pairing suggestions and anything else we find Interesting
  • 10% off grocery purchases on pick up day
  • 10%off wine on your birthday
  • Early access to new wines


    $50 2 btls (sometimes reds, sometimes whites - always good)
    $100 4 btls (2 of each of that month's picks)
    $150 6 btls (3 of each of that month's picks)
    Commit to 6 months and get 10% off

    Other important details:

    • Initial payment is due when you join and will start your subscription
    • Wines must be picked up by you or your designated household member
    • Wines must be picked up by a person who is at least 21 and has a valid ID
    • You can cancel your subscription anytime before the first of the month