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Arvum Gran Reserva Sherry Vinegar


Aged over 10 years in oak, this mellow and complex vinegar has subtle flavors of toasted nuts and dried fruit.

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Arvum Gran Reserva is the most elegant example of the high quality that can result from the solera system. No additional grape must is added to this vinegar aged over 10 years in oak. Subtle flavors of toasted nuts and dried fruit emanate from this mellow, complex stunner. Nominated for a sofi silver award in 2012.

Arvum Gran Reserva is produced using the solera system, a traditional process which consists of 500-liter oak barrels (that previously contained sherry wine) stacked three or more levels high, with the oldest vinegar stored in the bottom row of barrels (the ‘solera’). No more than a third of the liquid in the solera is removed for bottling at one time. This third is then replaced with younger vinegar from the row of barrels stored directly above the solera called the first “criadera”. The volume in the first criadera is then replenished with younger vinegar from the row of barrels stored above the first criadera, aptly called the second criadera. Finally the top row of barrels is filled with the newest and youngest sherry vinegar. All the oak barrels are placed in vast, well-ventilated structures called bodegas where they are exposed to lots of fresh air and warmth. These wooden barrels are never completely filled or sealed allowing them to constantly receive air, which aids the vinegar maturation process.

This time honored aging and blending process ensures that quality vinegar is produced consistently from year to year. To earn the “reserva” distinction, the vinegars must be aged in oak casks for at least two years. The Arvum solera is more than 10 years old.

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