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Bona Furtuna Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP Invecchiato


Resting patiently in select wood barrels our 250-ml IGP certified balsamic vinegar of Modena is invecchiato, or aged, bringing about unparalleled depth and character. These traditional barrel aging methods allow us to create a rich, lively vinegar that will give you a new understanding of what cooking with balsamic should taste like. Using only the deftest touch do they craft, age and bottle the smooth elegant taste of this syrupy elixir for you to enjoy.

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Inhale this powerful vinegar and be greeted with a woodsy, acidic sweetness. Once it touches your tongue, the taste of sour cherries and freshly picked summer raspberries bursts forward immediately before moving through the sweetly-bitter flavors of darkly caramelized sugar, and leaving you with the most subtle aftertaste of freshly ground coffee.

Pair with fresh spring asparagus, watermelon with feta and mint, or stirred into a wild mushroom and pecorino risotto.

At Bona Furtuna they celebrate unique, traditional flavors, while promoting biodiversity and sustainable farming practices. Their dedication towards producing handcrafted fare in concert with like-minded artisans, promises to bring only the highest quality products for you to enjoy.

In collaboration with Pedroni Acetaia, Bona Furtuna brings you a true taste of Italian heritage. Pressed from densely flavorful trebbiano di Spagna grapes, then aged in select wood barrels and thoughtfully cared for, Bona Furtuna’s mission is to transport you on a timeless journey.   From the heart of Modena, with two centuries of generational dedication behind its elegance, they are proud to bring you the profoundly delicious taste of traditionally hand-crafted Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

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