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Domaine Dyckerhoff Reuilly Gris


This dry, elegant, pale-pink quaff is easy-drinking and mineral-driven with a thirst-quenching brightness.

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  • Origin: France - Loire Valley
  • Size: 750 ml
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Domaine Dyckerhoff is located in the small town of Reuilly in the central Loire Valley of France, roughly an hour’s drive away from Sancerre to the east. Reuilly’s limestone and clay soils create a terroir amenable to winegrowing in a region dominated by grain farming. The permitted grapes in the Reuilly AOC are sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, and pinot gris (this is only allowed for rosé). Their name sounds Germanic because it is; the family emigrated to France in the early 1960s. Christian and Benedictine Dyckerhoff have been making wine since 2004 with fantastic results

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