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Frug Zweigelt


Frug is a fruity red wine with plenty of plums, cherries, figs and a spicy touch. Pleasant round mouthfeel and good acidity. Very sippable.

Grape is Zweigelt.



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The name Frug comes from a 1960s dance, which is very shake-your-hips and vibrant like the wine itself, fitting also with the colorful label designed by our Jenny Lefcourt’s brother. It was coined by Toni Silver, an artist and Austrian wine promoter who also connected us with the winery: “My brain always bounces around from the present back to the mid-20th century, as I am a retro kind of gal, so I just started thinking of party-drinking-dancing and started to remember some of the crazy 60’s dances – the Twist, Mashed Potato, the Frug!” Well, there you go: we bet this Austrian liter trio will make you dance as well.

The winery focuses on typical Austrian grapes – Gruner Veltliner, a traditional variety that has become almost synonymous with Austrian white wine, present in the country since some time around 1550 and nowadays its most widely planted grape; and Zweigelt for the rosé and red, a (relatively) new but similarly Austria-typical cross of St. Laurent and Blaufrankisch, bred by a local viticulturalist of the same name in 1922.

Making of: spontaneous fermentation in tanks. The wine then spent 10 weeks on its fine lees. Bottled without filtration or fining, with a 25ppm sulfur addition.


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