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Lillie’s Buttermilk Sweet Onion Kettle Chips


Every Southern cook knows buttermilk is the secret ingredient for every good recipe. Combine buttermilk and Vidalia Onions, a unique sweet and delicious onion found only in Georgia, for this special Southern snack.

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Why No. 86? Time for a Georgia agriculture history lesson. Vidalia onions are not only named after Vidalia, GA, but they’re so uniquely sweet and delicious that Georgia decided that’s the only place they could be grown. In 1986, Georgia passed the Vidalia Onion Act, restricting the production of Vidalia onions to just 20 counties in Georgia. So, if you love our Buttermilk & Sweet Onion Kettle Chips so much that you want to go thank the soil yourself, you at least know where to start.

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