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Organic Fusilli by Marella


This classic pasta shape has excellent flavor and texture. Goes with any sauce.

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  • Origin: Italy
  • Size: 1.1 lb
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A classic Italian shape. Pasta by Marella uses the highest quality, local grain varieties and is ICEA certified organic.

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 7 in



About the maker:

Marella: Organic Pasta, Puglia

Organic pasta by Marella & Pozzo del Re, their colorful pasta counterpart, is located in the heart of Puglia (the old Magna Grecia) in the province of Bari in the “heel” of Italy.

The family-oriented artisanal factory uses dough made of a blend of organic, ancient and heirloom hard wheats (durum) that are IGP certified in the town that is famous for its grain and flour, Altamura. A careful selection of these grains ensure a high-quality product that is rich with proteins and flavors.

The colorful pasta by Marella, or “arcobaleno”, gets its colors from organic spinach, tomatoes, red beets, turmeric, and red pepper.

While industrial pasta factories use a more resistant Teflon-coated steel die, pastas produced at the Marella Factory, or “Pastificio Marella”, are extruded through a bronze die, giving the pasta a rough texture to better hold sauce. The pasta is dried at a low temperature for three to four days, yielding a uniquely flavored pasta that expands when cooked.

* Marella Pasta is a 2013 Silver sofi Award Winner for “Outstanding Product Line”.

* All Marella pastas are certified organic by the ICEA institution.

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