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Pasta Natura Gluten Free Sorghum and Beetroot Organic Casareccia


Sorghum is an ancient grain with remarkable nutritional properties. Pasta Natura introduces it mixed with beetroot, a superfood rich in flavour, colour and nutritional properties. That’s the origin of sorghum and beetroot pasta— good-looking, colourful, fragrant. Sorghum and beetroot pasta is naturally gluten free and can be the base for your vegetarian and vegan recipes.

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  • Origin: Italy
  • Size: 8.81 oz
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Sorghum and beetroot pasta has an intense and inviting red colour. This pasta is perfect when seasoned with seasonal vegetables or cheese-based creams. Its sweet flavour is really pleasant and you could decide to season it with just an extra virgin olive oil and cheese to prepare a nutritious and light recipe. Try it with tastier sauces for a new and amazing sensory experience. Our pasta is produced with traditional methods to grant a perfect porosity and the right “al dente” texture. Pasta lovers know how important it is to taste it when it is “al dente” in order to appreciate all organoleptic properties of the product. Sorghum and beetroot pasta is so fragrant and flavourful that it deserves to be eaten with small bites.

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Weight 9.1 oz
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