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Petits Grecs P.C. Kourabies Greek Coffee Shortbread Cookies


Kourabies is a classic Greek delicacy served in every Greek home. It is a melt-in-the-mouth pastry cookie made of a mixture of fine nuts, pure butter, and flour. Greek coffee, with its particular aroma and slightly acidic taste, offers an interesting twist and makes it an ideal accompaniment to coffee, tea or an alcoholic drink.

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The word “kourabies” has its roots in the word kuru, which means dry, and biye, which means biscuit. It is most likely that the word originated from Turkey and made its way into the Greek language during the period of Ottoman rule.

Many regions in Greece claim the origin of the recipe and every place has its own version, which it proudly passes on from generation to generation. Our recipe is based on the most famous, that of Kavala, a harbor that unties the East with the West, Europe and Asia.

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