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Pojer E Sandri Red Wine Vinegar


Pojer e Sandri’s Red Wine Vinegar is produced with a blend of local Negrara Trentina, Groppello, Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grapes, which reflect the ephemeral cool mountain environment of the Dolomites in Italy.

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With a body reminiscent of a great Pinot Noir, this medium-bodied wine vinegar has autumn foliage notes with scents of mushrooms, dry leaves and a woody finish. Pojer e Sandri’s Red Wine Vinegar is deal for making dressings for more elaborate salads containing radicchio, arugula, grilled vegetables or tannic vegetables such as artichokes. Superb when used for deglazing pork or meat roasts, use this Red Wine Vinegar to add a bright note to cured meats and stews.

Perched on the steep eastern side of the canyon-like valley of the Adige River, Pojer & Sandri is one of the most remarkable wineries in the Trento region of Italy.The dynamic team of Fiorentino Pojer and Marco Sandri have owned the estate since 1975, when Fiorentino, as the landowner, teamed up with Marco, who had just graduated from enological school. They set out to protect and revive the many local grapes of the area and produce wines which were almost forgotten.

Their respect of the environment and traditions along with their outgoing personalities and hospitality soon set them on a class of their own. Today, they are widely respected as one of the most unique and trend-setting wineries in Italy. Pojer e Sandri has now expanded their expertise to include the production of high quality fruit vinegars.

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