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Potomac Chocolate Being Nuts is Its Own Reward (Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja)


From Ben Rasmussen, Chocolate maker:

This new Gianduja bar is my first ever bar with any kind of nut! I’ve wanted to make one for a long time and am very excited to release this!

Gianduja is the classic combination of chocolate with hazelnuts. I start with raw hazelnuts that I lightly roast to bring out their best, most hazelnut-y flavor. I then grind them in a stone grinder until they are perfectly smooth and flowing. This is then mixed with a 70% dark chocolate blend made with cacao from Peru and the Dominican Republic.

This bar is soft and creamy, with a perfect balance between the chocolate and hazelnut flavors. This may be my most munchable bar yet!

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Ingredients: cacao*, hazelnuts, sugar*, cocoa butter, salt (* organic)

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