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Rancho Gordo Alubia Blanca Beans


A small, versatile Spanish-style white bean. It has a creamy texture and holds its shape even with long, slow cooking. Excellent in soups, baked beans, salads, bean dips, pot beans

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Small and creamy, these are one of our quickest-cooking beans. You can cook them with a ham hock or pancetta, but they’re also great with a few simple aromatics like onion, carrot, and celery. They have a thin skin but still manage to hold their shape, making them ideal for salads. A simple bowl with roasted tomatoes and garlic would be incredible. Use Alubia Blancas in recipes calling for navy beans, great northerns, cannellini or white kidney beans. They would also make a fair substitute for the rare Zolfini beans from Tuscany.

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