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Range West Beef Stew Meat


Range West Grass Fed Beef Stew Meat. 100% Grass Fed Beef, vacuum packed. Each package is approximately one pound.

5.16lb in stock

  • Origin: USA - Nebraska
  • Size: 1 lb
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Range West Beef is a small diversified family farm raising commercial corn, alfalfa and mixed grass hay, and recently, wheat and soybeans. Our grass-finished animals are grazed on high-quality irrigated grass and legume pasture, and are fence line weaned for reduced stress. Most of our cattle reach processing weight and finish at about 24 months of age, but some will range in age from 20-29 months. Our target is that cattle would grade – high select to choice grade USDA. Animals are processed at Wahoo Locker, Wahoo, NE. This is a USDA inspected facility and all of our “Range West” branded products are USDA inspected.

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