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Wineforest Dried Lobster Mushrooms


Colorful lobster mushrooms are like no other wild mushroom. The flaming coral color (like lobster, red outside and white inside) and crustacean aroma are a fine firm-textured addition to pasta sauces, chowder and seafood dishes. Mushrooms have a wide range of flavor profiles, and these pair up beautifully with lemongrass and saffron. Lobster mushrooms once rehydrated will have a very clean flavor and meaty texture.

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Suggested Uses:

  • Chop, sauté and use in seafood chowders, whole or puréed to compliment fish, lobster, crab, mussels and clams.
  • Use in a classic Paella
  • Sauté with shallots and a splash of white wine and serve atop seafood like sole, haddock and halibut
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